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    General Claims
  1. NASA could have just filmed the Moon footage in a studio.
  2. Beating the Russians was important enough to fake the Moon landings.
  3. Richard Nixon was the President! We all know how honest he was.
  4. Only a small number of people needed to be in on the hoax.
  5. Too many astronauts died. NASA murdered them to keep them quiet.
  6. What about the NASA engineer who's car was hit by a train?
  7. Apollo stayed in orbit for eight days instead of going to the Moon.
  8. The American flag was waving! There's no air on the Moon!
  9. Neil Armstrong never does interviews. He must be hiding something.
  10. We should just point the Hubble telescope at the Moon to photograph the Apollo landing sites.
    Science & Technology
  1. NASA couldn't have gone to the Moon using 1960's technology.
  2. The Saturn rocket couldn't have been so successful.
  3. The lander the astronauts trained on (on Earth) crashed! How could they land on the Moon six times without an accident?
  4. The astronauts couldn't have survived the Van Allen radiation.
  5. Why can't we hear the sound of the rocket engine when they're landing on the Moon?
  6. The Lunar Module should have created a blast crator on the Moon.
  7. Soil needs moisture to make footprints.
  8. The spacesuits could not have protected the astronauts from the heat of the Sun.
  9. There wasn't a flame under the Lunar Lander when it lifted off because it was on wires.
  1. The quality of the Apollo 11 video was bad in order to hide the fact that they weren't on the Moon.
  2. Crosshairs appear behind obects in the pictures.
  3. In the Moon photos everything appears to be lit by a second light source.
  4. Shadows always run parallel to each other, but on the Moon they intersect.
  5. There is a picture of a Moon rock with a "C" on it. I guess the set decorator screwed up!
  6. The astronauts couldn't take such good pictures. They couldn't see through their cameras!
  7. These two locations look identical. They're supposed to be miles apart!

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